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After visiting this exotic South Pacific for the first time decades ago, Peter Lik realized he had found exactly what he'd been searching for a paradise of lush forestry, clandestine waterfalls, fiery volcanoes, and crystal clear surf. Those initial moments set him on a passionate course of capturing the beauty of the islands year after year. Thousands of shots later, the Artist reveals his latest collection, highlighting a landscape that continues to evolve with every cascading stream of lava and every whispering breeze. Within this portfolio of over 160 newly revealed images, viewers will discover why this stunning archipelago is a true gift of the gods.

Book Description
Featuring a screen-printed, fabric spine and 9mm blackboard, foil-debossed covers, each masterfully crafted book is finished with a black painted edging and fits perfectly in its magnetic closure slipcase. Peter Lik’s award-winning imagery comes to life on Stora Enso Fine Art Paper, with both matte and gloss varnishes. 

Acrylic Print Description
LIK Squared Acrylic Prints come to life on Fujiflex Crystal Archive Media, reproduced using a true photographic process revealing vivid colors, sharp contours and unmatched contrast. Each image is then protected between two layers of Crystal Clear© acrylic and finished with a White Komatex PVC Backer. All LIK Squared products are unsigned, open editions.

Due to the unique construction and artisanal materials used in the design of these books, we highly recommend your copy of Hawaii remain in its protective magnetic slipcase when not in use. 

Book Specifications
Open Edition
Hardcover, 10” x 10” x 1.875”, 272 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9825412-4-1

Element Specifications
Open Edition
9.75” x 9.75"

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